Sunday, 2nd July was the date set aside for Sailability NSW volunteers to attend our tri-ennial First Aid Course.

5 branches were included among the students: Manly, Pittwater, Crystal Bay, Yarranabee, and Middle Harbour volunteers, mainly people who were updating their skills from yesteryear.

Our trainers were Maz and Gary from First Aid Plus. The students had 6 weeks to work on their Course Information Book, learning the skills necessary, and answering a range of questions to cover the course in their Work-books, which needed to be handed in on the morning of the course. Once the course got going, it was non-stop from early in the morning to late in the afternoon. We practised bandaging and use of slings, CPR on mannequins, the legal aspects of being a First Aider, treatment of bites and stings. Then came care of a person who looks as if he is having a stroke, a heart attack, an anaphylactic episode, etc.

Just as we were about to feel too exhausted to go any further, there was a practical session to check our use of the defib, and CPR, and finally, a short but very perceptive exam, using multi-choice questions to examine our knowledge. It was an extremely exhausting and busy day, but ended with wonderful results for everyone.