Crew for today:
Sailing Coordinator: Brian.
Pontoon Manager: Col.
Safety Boat Driver: Warwick.
Photographer: Ken.
Observer: Jennie and others.
Registrar: Helen.
Life-jackets: Wilma.
Time Keeper: Ray.
Radio: Corey.
Sailors: David G, David W, John P, John W, Michael, Ivan, Peter, Denis, Jay.
Help up on deck: Helene, Bob.
Clearing up and putting away: David W and rest of crew.

What an excellent team, thank you all.

Our first group down, and very eager to go out on the water, some for the first time ever were: Myles, Bridget, Chloe, Rohan, and a little later; Vanessa and Millie. They all hopped into whichever boat was available, and loved it so much some also wanted a ride on Charlie’s Chariot. These children are from a range of rural towns, in Sydney for medical appointments and assessments.

Following on their heels were Arranounbai: Joe, Rylee, Matthieu, Jin, Mikey. Some of these came with a Mum, so that we had plenty of helpers for these children, enabling morning tea, a ride on Charlie’s Chariot, as well as a sail for most of them.

Jimmy, Oliver and Paul arrived from St Ives Sunshine, then Chris, Rodney, Shannon, Chris from ASPECT at Ryde.

Just as we thought it as safe to pack up after a very busy morning, Josif and Bob arrived from Waitara. Josif wanted a sail, and Bob made it very clear his preference was Charlie’s Chariot.

Thanks so much to the staff of these groups, as all helped to make the day a success. As well as this, the beautiful, perfect Winter Solstice day made the day perfect for all of us. Best of all was the help we had putting boats and gear away making light work of a heavy job.

Thanks are also due to Denis, who has spent many hours combing through all of the local op shops for wet weather gear, ensuring that all of our sailors who want them are equipped with wet weather gear.