What a great team we created this morning. It was a fabulous day for sailing in Hansa 303’s, just enough breeze to make for a comfortable ride, a little cloud to cool things off, plenty of sunshine, and a wonderful group of people participating in sailing.

Our team of helpers:
Time keeper: Ray
Lifejackets: Wilma and Ros
Registrar and Sailing Coordinator: Helen
Photographer: Ken
Power Boat Driver: John
Sailors: Cathy, Jim, Ivan, Peter, Denis, Helene, David
On the Pontoon: Kevin, Jay, Michael
On the deck, including cooking: Caroline, Lyn, Tony

Visitor: Laura.

Our participants came from far and near:
From Waitara, their After Hours group: Sally-Ann, Abigail, Ian, Andrew, Nicole, William with fabulous helper, Dinah.
From our local community: Daniel, Ollie, Wayne, Priya. Wayne is sailing really well and with a little more practise, we are hoping he will proceed to solo sailing.
Lorikeets: Luke, Arun, Zac, Jake, James, Jai, Elyce, Jasper, Lucas with helper Kerry. We do hope this group returns, as they were a lively bunch and kept their sailors busy in the boats rescuing loose items such as joy-sticks, paddles, etc.
Rap’n’Rave: Daniel and Bart with the big smiles, who love their sailing and always create a happy atmosphere.

Our visitor from Newcastle, Laura, who participated and helped equally in both roles. Thanks for the help on the barbecue, Laura, you can visit any time.