After 10 days of almost continual rain, we had our first sunny day. The breeze was a steady southerly 5 to 10 knots, and perfect for our needs. A limited number of helpers arrived because of a slight change of routine, but we still managed to get out 4 303’s and Alan’s 2.3 to give everyone a deliciously long sail. No rushing anyone back to pick up the next participant. Helpers were: Helen, Wilma, David G and David W, Denis, Tony, Ivan, Helene, Michael, Alan, Lyn, Eli.

Participants today loved the calmer waters, and the long sessions. Hannah was on Charlie’s Chariot for over an hour, while Daniel, Oliver, Phillip, Judy, Derek, Patrick, Vanessa and David West enjoyed extended sailing. David is now able to take Vanessa in future, as he has proved himself to be a reliable skipper.