This morning dawned one of those fantastic days when you just know that everything is going to go well. A clear sky, lots of sunshine, a very gentle south-westerly breeze and a great smile on everyone’s face.

Helene was the Sailing Coordinator, Crosbie the Pontoon Manager, Jim the Support Boat Driver, Ken the observer, and lots of sailors; Ivan, David, Cathy, Denis, Michael, Mal, Lars. Wilma was the Registrar, Tony helping on the deck, Ray the time-keeper, Maria and Phillip on the deck, while Kate, Mal and Eli helped on the pontoon.

We were not expecting many participants because the weather had been shocking during the week, and we were pleasantly surprised when Oliver, Megan, Luca and Phillip turned up early for their sail. These took off for a relaxing sail across the bay, then Richard arrived for a lesson to take place for a final training sail before his big solo attempt next time if the weather is suitable. Mal was very impressed with his skills and boat control, so it looks very hopeful for next time.

Next to arrive was Alan, looking very eager because this will be his first session back on the water after a few months recuperation from a nasty operation. What a dream this was, as he is feeling fitter than he has been for a long time, and he was able to manage Clea beautifully in the westerly breeze, staying out there for well over an hour, and only returning because he was hungry. Ashley and Anna arrived next, then Grace, Judy, Matt, Vanessa, all taking their turn willingly when it came up. Anna kept her sailor, and in fact everyone on Manly Cove entertained and amused by her constant rendition of “Doe a Deer” as she swept across the water. Helen and Sandra, all the way from Brisbane took off for a holiday cruise, and then, a little later, Jellybeans: Jayden, Ruby, Byron, Lachlan arrived with their helpers. Each of these was accommodated in a boat and took off for their sail. Last of all, Robert and Susan came down from Balmoral House, Robert going for a sail with a bemused smile on his face, and Susan being a good girl in the Support Boat.

Thanks so much for the volunteers today, and the carers who brought down their people and managed them so well: Colleen, Maria, Rado, Vicki, Barbara, Rita, Jason, Tom, Rachel, Sam, Vince. A huge THANK YOU to Maria and Kate who became chefs for today, and cooked a beautiful lunch for all comers. It all made it a wonderful day when everyone was cooperating so well.