As usual, the weather forecast was less than 100% correct, thank goodness. Although high winds and showers were on the menu, neither eventuated although there was enough cloud to keep the day cool.

Our wonderful helpers: Corey, Davids G and W. Ray, Warwick, John G, John P, John W and John B, Jim’s Q and G, Wilma, Phillip, Peter, Allison, Ivan, Steve, Jennie, Denis, Helen, Tony, Michael, Malcolm, Sheila, Marc and Helene all made the day go smoothly.

The students from RFW arrived first with helper Craig. Kaleb, Jack, Depp, Sarah, Damon, Cody and Connor had a great time on the water, most getting a turn of both a sailing boat and the Support Boat.

Just as they were finishing, Arranounbai children arrived with Lisa, Lee and Audrey. Kate, Archie, Riley, Margaux had a wonderful experience in the boats, by the looks on their faces.

Rebecca and Rosie brought the children from Fisher Rd: Joshua skippered his boat with great aplomb, Riley was so desperate to start his sail he stood on the pontoon ready to jump in as soon as his boat arrived. Then Daniel, George and Sekayi followed at a more leisurely pace.

Jonathon arrived next, with helper, Doug, and they took their turn on the Support Boat.

Next SEALS; Nikita, Zoe, Doug, Jake meandered to the pontoon in time for their sail.

Last of all, we met a new sailor, Ben and his helper, Kel, who will be coming over from Royal Rehab frequently to hopefully get Ben sailing solo for an extra experience.

It was a really beautiful day, making our Winter sailing days worthwhile.