Malcolm’s mode of transport to get to Sailability. 9.3.16 was his kayak.Photo of Malcom and his kayak.
So started a lovely sailing day. As each of our helpers arrived, we managed to get all the 303’s out and all the 303’s out and rigged by 9.15, when our first group, Royal Far West, arrived. We had just finished with the Royal Far West kids when our small group, just 3 sailors sailors arrived from French’s Forest High. Our beautiful group of children from ASPECT arrived next, and were beautifully behaved as they had their morning tea, then sat quietly while they waited their turn. There were a couple of these children who were hesitant to get in the sailing boats until they had a short run in the Support Boat, realised their friends were having fun sailing, and asked to return to the pontoon so that they could have their turn sailing. It was lovely to see the satisfied smiles on these two brave boys. Gerard arrived next, then the group from French’s Forest Sunnyfield.

Helpers today were: Rob, Denis, John W, John P, Bob, Corey, Col, Jim Y, Tony, Ivan, Ken, Ralph, Sheila, Helen, Michael, Malcolm, Jim Q, Helene. Thanks for the lovely photos, John P.

Participants today were: RFW: Lachlan, Mako, Ella, Cody, Noah W, Zakiyz, Jacob, Matthew, Will, Christian, Dashelle, Archie, Dylan, George, Luca, Noah H, Jessica with helper Lisa.

French’s Forest High: Ben, Jackson, Luke and Ruby, who watched this morning, with helpers Marg and Sue.

ASPECT: Matthew, Will, Christian, Dashelle, Archie, Dylan, George, Luca, Kia, Alexander T and Alexander M with helper Donna and others.

Sunnyfield, French’s Forest: David, Ginny, Vanessa, Rodney with helpers Glenn, Fiona, Regina, Glenn.

Thanks to all of these people for making it a beautiful day for us.