A Defibrillator has been placed in the downstairs foyer at Manly Yacht Club, near the large First Aid Kit, and opposite the Manly Sailing Office. It is here for the use of Manly Yacht Club members, people using Manly Sailing, and Sailability users. Monday, 7th March was the evening designated for the course of instruction in its use.

photo of the class.

Participants in the course were; Peter, Veronica, Allan, David, Eli, Denis, Helen, Ralph, Colin, Barry, Jackie, Bruce, Pam, Sarah and Marcus. Our teachers were Gary and Maz from First Aid Plus.

It was very concise and practical course in the use of the defibrillator, and finished with an extensive practise session until everyone had it right. The new machine will actually talk the First Aider through the process, so it is important to listen to the machine, and keep practising CPR, as this is the most important component to the process. We all left, wondering whether we would ever have to use this newly acquired skill, and grateful to our donors, Freshwater Bendigo Bank and Balgowlah Masons, for providing the correct equipment for saving lives.