What an astounding day for a sail….a clear blue sky, a pleasant 6 to 8 knot NN Easterly keeping our little part of the Cove cool while Sydney sweltered in 37 degree heat brought 36 sailing participants down to Manly, as well as 23 helpers.

Thanks so much to Helen, who did an exemplary job as Sailing Coordinator, Jim G as Boat Operations Manager, as well as sailor and Pontoon Manager on the way, Warwick and John between them did the Time Keeping until other duties overtook them and Corey took over. Ralph was Support Boat Driver with a succession of observers including Corey, Allison, Marc. Our sailors this morning were Ivan, Col, Denis, Rob, John, David, Jim Y, John, Peter and Michael, and Malcolm was tireless on the pontoon, as well as going for a solo sail early in the morning preparatory to taking a participant sailor our somewhere down the track. Others on the team were Philip, Barry, David Gr and his helper, who joined as members this morning.

Helene, helping everywhere to make the day go smoothly for our participants:

From Forest High; Sam, Luke, Jayden, Jackson, Ben who had a really great time on the water and are learning the ropes. Jayden and Sam also experienced the Support Boat. All signed their own name this morning.

From DY Primary School; Riley, Soraya, Alan, Oliver, Samuel, Felix, Lachlan, Dylan, James, Heath who also signed their own names. These Ten students had their first experience of sailing this morning, and all enjoyed it immensely.

From SEALS: Jonathan, (with Doug) Doug, Tom, Nikita, Zoe.

From Sunnyfields French’s Forest; Ben, Ginny, Rodney, David, Vanessa with Tim, Jack and Ali.

From Sunshine Pymble: Charley, Stephen, Susan, Brad, Matthew with Raiza

From House With No Steps: Paul, David, Stephan, Steven and Mikey with helpers Violette and Lisa.

Also along for the flow were Gerard and his helper who joined as members this morning.

At the end of the day, we had a visit from a prospective helper Juan, who decided to join in with the putting away, making everything easier for us old tired helpers.   A wonderful ending to a tiring but satisfying morning.