This was a morning when it was difficult to decipher the weather. The radar showed no rain in the area, and a light North Easterly breeze, but the clouds were hanging threateningly low and there was not a breath of breeze. We put the boats out and started our sailing day with our eager sailors who had arrived early, so that Maurine, Megan, Danielle, Denis and Jordan had a (very slow) sail, but then the skies opened, the rain poured down, and still there was no wind to blow the clouds away. In the meantime, some other hopeful participants arrived. But the decision was taken to abandon our efforts for the day, just have lunch with anyone who wanted to stay.

Thanks so much to helpers Barry, Ray, Megan, Jim, Helen, Tony, Seal, Mal, John, Juliette and Peter, David, Ivan, Jack, Michael, Helene, Bob, Jon and Jenni, all of whom relished that extra rigging and putting away practise. Welcome to new helper, Cathy, who will prove a worthwhile addition to our team with her friendly attitude, and excellent sailing skills.