Continuing the story of this summer, it was a truly lovely morning, weatherwise. Our team arrived bright and early and we were able to put out 7 boats to accommodate the number of participant sailors who were coming sailing today.

Royal Far West sent 4 kids, Kayla, Joshua, Garey and Bruce. By the time they had helped us put the large gazebo up, their boats were ready. One of the Mums went in Charlie’s Chariot to take photos, and the kids were sailing for quite a time while we waited for Truscott St children to arrive.

Liam, Ruby, Isyel, Sion, Harry, Ethan, Jazzie, Jessica, Jin, Mustafa, Yu Yu, Samantha, Ricky and Annabelle are used to it now, having been sailing late in December. The RFW kids returned to shore,  and we wasted no time in refilling the boats. Some children sailed in an adult’s lap, but most are now confident of going off with their tutor sailors to experience the joys of sailing on Manly Cove. At some stage in the morning, a lot of people had noticed a small, not very well looking little penguin floating around in the ferry lane, not dodging the boats or diving. This called for decisive action. We rang the Sea-Life Sanctuary, and they sent a boat immediately to practise their rescue and first aid skills.

Some other community living people participants arrives and went off for their sails, Denis, Alan and Gerrard took advantage of this today, Alan staying out there for well over 2 hours, and coming back with a very satisfied smile on his face…a little bit like to cat that swallowed the canary, but I think it was a sudden boost of confidence in the light breeze.

Finally, our 5 participants from AFFORD arrived, so we were able to slot them in between the school kids while other members of their group were picnicking on the deck.

Our usual crew was supplemented by Nico, who has been overseas for a while, and is now ready to settle down as a permanent volunteer. A great asset to our organisation. Caroline has now achieved her Power Boat License so was able to drive Charlie’s Chariot all day, fill up with petrol and take it to the mooring. Congratulations, Caroline. Also congratulations to Col, who was BOM today and did a fabulous job of getting the boat room back to perfection before leaving.