You know that we don’t normally sail in the rain, but this time, we did.

It wasn’t raining when we set out, but we got hit before we put the boats away, by a lovely, warm still shower, exciting everyone, because we are not normally allowed to play in the rain. On top of the rain, the water was absolutely still, hardly even a ripple to disturb the surface. That is why we made such good use of Charlie’s Chariot, using it as a tow boat to get everyone home.

On top of all this, we had 7 most delightful new helpers; Cathy, Joanne, Isabela, Nati, Amir, Taylor and Lyn, who, along with Denis, David, Helen, Tony, Ralph, Jerome, Jack, Gail, Ivan, Ros, Ray, Ralph, Steve, Vince, Nicole and Jannie took a small number of participant sailors for a sail.

Photo of Jack and Maureen in VinMaureen, Harry, Rodney, Mark, Jordan and Vanessa wouldn’t have missed the fun for all the world.Photo of Isabela and Nat getting towed home as on water skis; The best part was being towed home in partnership with another boat, almost like water skiing, but without the hanging on and getting wet.Photo of Isabela and Nat getting towed home as on water skis;

Photo of Ivan and MarkIt certainly didn’t feel like work today, and all volunteers had time to stop and chat to helpers and carers. Thanks so much to Lyn for the lovely photos. All part of the Sailability scene.