The best Australia Day Regatta so far was the general consensus after the delicious lunch and prize giving presentation on Sunday. Gray skies did not dampen our enthusiasm as we quickly rigged the 7 boats needed and got them on the water. We needed to change some of the personnel racing at the lat moment, as some of our registered sailors were not able to arrive. It turned out, as it always does, that all boats were filled, and all personnel who came down were able to sail, watch the racing from Charlie’s Chariot, or help to prepare lunch.

The Radfords were the Race Officers on Carlysle, Charlie’s Chariot crew was Barry, Crosbie, Dale and Helen, crews and boats as follows:

Dolly Wallis, Caroline and Eli.

Woody, Denis and Ivan.

Alex, Philip and Adam.

Th ING, Peter and Carina.

Vin, Helene and Mike.

Black Swan, David and Tony.

Lionheart, Jack and Joe.

For race 1, the course was set in a moderate Easterly breeze, and the race started right on time. Th ING took an early lead and kept it all the way around the course, with Woody coming in second, and the rest of the boats finding their way to the finish line.

The second race was a lot faster, as the breeze picked up, and the course was changes slightly to accommodate a swing in the breeze to S.E. By the time the race sequence had finished, the breeze has swung back to its original setting, making the sailing a lot easier, and a lot faster. Woody came in first this time, followed by Lionheart, then the rest of the crowd. The Regatta score was based on a count back, so the first place getters were Woody, Th ING and Lionheart with the remainder of the boats coming in very quickly.

We went home to find the lunch ready, thanks Dallas, Shauna, Jayme-Ann, Shelley, had the presentation,

MYC Australia Day 2014 results
Photo of the winners Dennis and Ivan.

and packed everything away.

Thanks very much Graeme and Maz for being excellent Race Officers as usual, and to Helene for organising a wonderful race. Thanks also to all of our racers for spending Australia Day with us, and to all of our photographers.