Today was the Volunteer Expo at DYRSL. More than 40 Volunteer Organisations in Manly, Warringah and Pittwater were showing off their wares at this Expo.

The Meeting was opened by Peter Risbey, from Easy Gardening, guest of honour was Jamie Durie from the TV Gardening Show Backyard Blitz, and on call for his work in Warringah was mayor, Michael Regan.

Our team, consisting of Eli, Philip, Denis and Helen in the morning, set up the table with the computer, complete with slide show, the Fluoro jib and banner at the back, and brochures and jelly beans on the table. Almost immediately, there were several people waiting in a queue to talk to us about Sailability and how they thought they could help, and we were kept busy for the rest of the morning, explaining our role in the community.

After lunch, the numbers died slowly, and Pam joined us at the Sailability table. The best attended Volunteer Expo in its 4 years more than 200 people came into the exhibition and were fascinated by the variety of volunteer occupations there are in this area. Of course, Sailability was one of the most popular destinations to have a look-see, and we have gained several useful volunteers by attending this occasion.