A most satisfying day at Sailability, because the wind did not reach the high intensity that had been forecast, we had a most wonderful team of willing and active volunteers, and our sailing participants were all eager and enthusiastic.

James was first, and he had a wonderful time; first a long sail across Manly Cove with John, and then, on his return a quick zip around on Charlie’s Chariot to check on all the other sailors. Stephen arrived, was accommodated in a boat and didn’t return for an hour.

Then, Susan, Alyssa and Ben, with Elsa and Christine. Susan, the very good girl that she was today, went for a sail, then came back to help Helene tidy the spare clothes container. Ben reluctantly climbed into Charlie’s Chariot, went for a spin, then decided that he was ready for a cup of tea, and came back.

Slideshow of Some of us, and the boat with all the children. Tara and Kerrie in Vin, Diane and Kundan in Charlie’s Chariot, Claire showing off her sailing skills with John in Eli D, Ben and Vince riding the waves in ING.

Daniel arrived, without his mate, Laurie, paid up his membership for the year, and went for a sail in the fresh air and wonderful sunshine. Next were Judy and Adonis, then Jackie, Diane, Tess and Duncan, then the other Ben, with Betty and Peter, and last of all, Shelby and Fred. While all boats were out there on Manly Cove, the sailors discovered an old sailing boat that has been travelling the world with 9 children and their parents on board, an incredible sight for all of our sailors.

Our powerful team of helpers for today consisted of:

Sailing Coordinator: Caroline
Pontoon Manager: David
Support Boat Driver: Warwick
Photographer: Ken
Observer: Nikki, Jasmin
Sailors: Tara, Mitchell, Crosbie, Denis, John, Vince, Ivan, Michael.
Duke of Edinburgh Volunteers: Claire, Ella, Millie and Kate who were everywhere, learning the skills needed at Sailability. This included today: learning to sail, being the chef, skills managing people with a disability, rigging and de-rigging etc.
Up on deck: Radio: Tony, Time keeping, Lyn, Registrar, Eli, Life-jackets, etc.
On the Pontoon: Andy and Helen.

This is what all Sailability days should be like.