After more than 20 years continual service to Sailability NSW, Helen Hendry has decided the time has come to retire.

The start of Helen’s Service was when she observed our little boats sailing on Manly Cove. Wondering where they came from, she requested information from her husband, Francis, who at that time was a member of Manly Rotary Club. She decided that that in itself demanded a hefty donation, and so her relationship began from a distance.

Late that same season, she decided to come down in person, and soon established herself as a very dedicated volunteer, taking over roles such as Support Boat Driver, Registrar, Membership Secretary, Bi Monthly report presented to Sailability NSW, publicity gatherings for Sailability Manly, Chef for Saturday Barbecues, and many other duties.

At a Sailability Meeting, the committee decided to throw a party for Helen, and present her with a Life Membership in honour of her wonderful contributions to our organisation. This took place on Sunday, 24th March, and se all congratulate Helen for her wonderful contributions to our club.