Today was “wacky” for a number of reasons:

The forecast weather was for strong winds and storms, but we had a perfect day down at Manly Cove, with light winds and full sunshine.

The invited and confirmed groups arrived, along with a couple of groups who had looked in the web-site, decided that Sailability was a good idea and arrived on our doorstep with no booking or confirmation.

The very keen and eager volunteers were down at Manly in full force, and we were so happy to have everyone as all were involved in the work of rigging boats, registering everyone, radioing boats in constantly so that change overs were effective. Then packing everything away and tidying up at the end of the day. This extra effort is very much appreciated by all.

The Volunteer Team for today was:

Sailing Coordinator:
John. What a great job, John, you were everywhere, and in full control of a day that could have been a huge muddle.

Pontoon Manager:
Brian. Thanks for hanging in there, Brian, there were at least 30 changeovers, including 6 wheelchair bound participants. A mammoth task.

Power Boat Driver:
Warwick. Some dramas here as well, with sailors needing help over and through the ferry lanes with multiple ferries and motor craft taking advantage of the beautiful day. Thanks to Juliette and Jim G for taking over half-way through the morning.

Registrar, Helen: I don’t know how you managed today, Helen. All of those receipts and extra people registering for a sail, at the same time keeping track of people booking for Volunteer Recognition Evening, as well as the First Aid Course.

Life-jackets: Wilma. Again, a mammoth effort fitting everyone into life-jackets, making sure slings went down to the pontoon with those that needed them, and storing them in the right place when they arrived back.

Radio Operator and Time-keeper: Ray. What a star, keeping track of all of the boats including Charlie’s Chariot, making sure there was always someone coming back when needed.

Photographer: Ken, another wonderful job, with clear photos taken of most participants sailing in clear water.

Sailors today were: Michael, Denis, Ivan, Peter W, Jay, Brian, Peter S, Malcolm, Bob and Rob. Thanks for the quick change-overs.

Thanks for extra help on the pontoon from Marc, Jim and Jennie, and the extra pairs of hands up on deck keeping the waiters happy and arranging people to be on the pontoon in time: Helene, and the group carers.

Groups who sent people down to participate in sailing were:

Sunnyfield French’s Forest with David, Jocelyn, Luke, Ginny, Rodney, Vanessa, Harry, Jenny, Adonis and Ben. Jocelyn had a shortened sail because of a hat that accidentally hit the water and sank, and David also had a very short sail. Rodney and Ben made up for this with a double turn for both.

Hanlin and Michael came from Menimbah.

Tiara, Paul, Ross, Stefan, David, Denis, Nina came from House With No Steps.

Sunshine Pymble sent Stephen, Charlie, Annabelle, Alan.

Sunshine St Ives sent Oliver, Elias, John, Leesa, Kath.

Last off the ranks were: Melissa, Rob and Sascha from Waitara Wonders.

How lucky were we to have David G working there all day repairing boats and keels that have been damaged on previous sailing days.

Even luckier, that after we had everything cleared away the weather that had been forecast to happen in the morning, gale-force winds and heavy rain suddenly arrived in Manly Cove.