Monday was a lovely winter day for sailing. It started a little cool, but the day was bright and sunny with light south-westerly winds. We had 19 volunteers, Petra was SDC and Malcolm controlled proceedings on the pontoon. We had also a new volunteer, Dony Rostran, welcome Dony to Sailability!
5 boats were rigged and ready before the clients arrived. John was skipper on Charlie’s chariot, with Eli taking photos until Charlie developed a little smoke on its engine and had to be stopped and repaired.
We had Wilma on the desk and Corey managing the boat timings. Nola did a great job managing the top deck with kitting out everyone with life jackets and organising the new slings.
Although the morning was booked by 25 participants only 12 came down for a sail. 3 sailors were from Sunnyfield, 2 from Royal Rehab and 7 from the Sydney Community Services.
As there weren’t that many participants, they were able to take their time enjoying the sailing.
Thank you all for making my first day as coordinator so easy and that this report in English is my most difficult task – Petra.