A really chilly morning but the blue skies promised a good morning’s sail, and so it proved to be. The chill came from a sharp sou/souwester blowing around 7 knots, about twice the forecast and so much more satisfying than the lethargic wheezes old Hewie has served up in recent weeks. A really sweet little breeze for the 303s.
We quickly put 5 boats into the water, the limit given the number a fully fit sailors available, with more than 20 clients anticipated. . Groups consisted of Sunnyfield , Cromer school , Sydney Community Services & some individuals.
The breeze lost a knot or 2 as the morning wore on, but even by midday there was still enough to keep the boats moving along nicely in the lumpy chop. Great for the clients and a godsend for us as we kept up a tight schedule to get through all those wanting to sail.
Meanwhile, out in Charlie’s Chariot , Warwick, resplendent in flowing red wet weather gear like a maritime Santas Claus steamed back and forth with his constantly changing charge of kids who, having sailed already, wanted just that little bit extra excitement.
And why not? On a marvellously crisp and sunny late autumn morning where better to be than on Manly Cove.