What a beautiful morning to volunteer at Manly Sailability . Sunny with a small amount of cloud cover & a good breeze for sailing..

Eager volunteers arrived & 6 boats were rigged& inspected by Denis & then put into the water.

John W. collected C.C. from the mooring.

Wilma immediately took control of the morning tea & registration desk. Also Corey jumped into his usual job of radio person & timekeeper.

A quick briefing was held , sailors & pontoon volunteers nominated , David W. & Ken were on C.C. . John W. presented Ken B. with his victory prise for the recent regatta.

Also David Web advised that C. C. would be on the Slip after sailing on Mon. 29/4/24 for annual engine check & volunteers are required to water blast the hull & re- paint with anti foul. [ 29th , 30th ]..

The first participant to arrive was Gracie & John Pens immediately took her sailing in Alex Martin.

Closely followed by Shane – Skipper was Michael B, in Black Swan . Shane’s carer also enjoyed sailing in Eli. D with Steve L . as skipper.

Sunnyfield arrived with 2 sailing participants & 2 for C.C. Rodney was quick to go on C. C.

Headway arrived with & David went sailing with John Pens in Alex Martin. Jinny went with Denis in Woody. John took Ref in Eli D. Jim was skipper for Peter in Vin.

Jeremy had Eric in Ralph Newman.& Denis took Lee in Woody..

John W. was again backing up & took Hanlin in Eli D.

C. C was popular taking various people for rides around beautiful Manly Cove while checking on the various boats , skippers & participants.

Another group [ 2 ] from Headway arrived late , but we accommodated them & they all had a good sail..

Boats were derigged & all gear was stored away. GREAT effort by all volunteers this morning.

John W & Michael used C. C . to tow 3 boats to M.H.Y. Club to be used in their State Regatta over Easter. . Many THANKS.

Michael B. is sailing Black Swan in the regatta & we all wish him GOOD LUCK.

Another GREAT morning at Manly Sailability .with GREAT volunteers.