What a magic start for New Year 2024!
Despite the daily BOM prediction of impending storms and tempests throughout the preceding week, Saturday 13th dawned warm and sunny, with a gentle breeze from the
North-east that promised, and delivered, a perfect day for sailing.
With a full booking of participants, our volunteers thankfully arrived early, which enabled seven boats to be rigged and available by 9 o’clock.
Volunteers today comprised sailors Denis, Ivan, John, Jim, Michael, Jeremy, Clare, Helene, Michael B, Michael M, Sandy, David and Sophie,
Pontoon crew – Victoria, Shannon, Andrew, Max and Joe.
Registration – Helen, Lifejackets – Wilma and Ros , Radio – Eli,
Charlie’s Chariot – Warwick, Observer/Camera – Patricia, and SDC – Ken.
Sunnyfield/Allambie were first to arrive, with Rodney keen to be first on the water with Jeremy, followed by Elinor sailing with Sophie and Sophia with Denis. “Northside
Enterprise” followed: – Alyse with Jim, and James with Sandy.
Vanessa and Brandon arrived separately , and all boats were sailing in absolutely perfect sailing conditions by 9.30a.m. (However with a normal Christmas- High tide over the ramp
to the pontoon, we all got our feet wet!)
We then welcomed “ Up-and-Over” with six participants :- Ben, Jonah, Rosie. Sandra, Toby and Zane, followed by “Luz-all-ability” with Anna, Jack, Phillip and Leonardo. Our final
guests for the day were from “Cerebral Palsy”:- Jesika, Kate and Stuart.
The fully-booked day presented very significant challenges that were avoided by simple courtesies and actions by everybody involved today.
– Our volunteers arrived, as per roster, and early;
– Our guests arrived as scheduled, (or slightly early);
– Carers ensured that their participants were prepared and ready to sail when boats were ready.
The result was that a fantastic day was spent SAILING!