The inclement weather of the past few days cleared to a pleasant cloudy day with light winds, however our clients were not so confident and only four turned up to sail.

Under Denis’s guidance we rigged four boats plus Clea, in which Ivan took off, searching for wind. First client to arrive was Andy with his dad John. This was Andy’s second visit to Manly Sailability and he went for a long sail with Rob and really loved the experience. John hitched a ride on Charlies Chariot with Sophie, Clare and Jim, finally back from his extended holiday in Europe.

Our favourite “purple lady” Leonine went for a sail with Michael and Jeremy’s dad Ron came down and they enjoyed some father/son time on the water. Later Matthew arrived and went for a long sail with Vince. Jay and Rob and Helene and Skye had a social sail towards the end of the morning, as we were packing up.

John W was SDC and Joe and David managed the docking of the boats. Helen and Skye did a great job in managing the client’s preparations for sailing as did Eli operating the radio communications.