Another beautiful day here in Manly, with light airs, full sun and the excitement of Spring sailing in the air!
A healthy roster of volunteers were on hand to get about 20 participants reporting in to Helen at registration, then getting out on the water, including many individuals and for the first time and The Support Society group for the first time.
We launched 8 boats, with Ivan hitting the water early in Clea – he made a good morning of it. Vince, Sky and Rob shared Dolly Wallace, with only a little bit of assistance needed from Warwick on our rescue boat to keep from drifting under the Skiff Club.
Denis had a change of scene in Black Swan instead of the usual Woody. Also Michael, Helene, Vince, Ragnhild and Nola each setting sail and taking people out. Ken kept the noise down and the traffic in check on the radio, Victoria and Clare made 2 safe pairs of hands on the dock (it was HOT!). Ros on lifejackets. Thanks everyone!
It was great to see some of our regulars like Ben as well as many new-to-Manly-Sailability peeps – Sailor Gerry (no relation to the rum), Winnie, Xavier, Take, Dylan, Dylan (yes 2 of them) Tanya, Maggie and Karen from the Support Society – welcome to you all, hope you enjoyed the day and see you again soon!