The Manly Crew today was just enough for our purposes. On Charlie’s Chariot we had skipper John W, and Ken taking photos and observing. Sailing boats: Denis, John Mc A, Brian, Steve, Ivan, Jeremy, Helene, Michael.
Helen was the registrar and Life-Jacket helper, Corey on the radio, new Volunteer Niall working like a Trojan as he works out all of our systems, cooperating on the pontoon, out for an introductory sail, and being the General Hand.

We did have a number of participants during the morning, luckily spacing the time, so that the waiting was down to a minimum.

Blake, Lander, Hayden and Tileiha, from different settings in NSW, down for the week to Ryal Far West came with Craig and Kaz.

Mimi, Charlie, Evie, and Alex from Arranounbai sailed, but Emma chose to use Charlie’s Chariot as a vantage point to watch her friends sailing. Thanks so much for the teachers, from Arranounbai who came to support the class.

James, Eddie, Kyle, came with their helpers: Joel, Rachael, Indy leaving Annie in the shade up on the deck watching.
Shayne had a fabulous time steering Vin with Michael as Skipper.

Betty brought Ben for a sail and he went off with Denis in Woody.

Vanessa, Genevieve, Luke and Kane from Sunnyfield went off for a sail. Unfortunately, David was not feeling well so was forced to miss out this time.

Brooke brought Katie for a sail and she lit up the whole of Manly Cove with her huge smile. Kylie brought Steve from Sargood, Santosh brought Hanlin, and last of all, just when we were feeling tired from all the action Anthony and Nassar arrived from Avenue Parramatta.