This was forecast to be the hottest day of the year so far, so all were carefully sunscreened, and the new long sleeve navy shirts were well in evidence.
New Volunteers Nomusa, Stephen, Michael and Clare were welcomed into the fold. Hugo and Max, our Duke of Edinburgh students for this half of the year were also welcomed, and then six boats were rigged to get the most possible out of the day.
Dennis, Ken, Wolfie, Ragnhild, Victoria, Joe, Nola, Helen, Rob, John, Jackie, John McArthur, Vince and Jeremy managed the rigging efficiently, to be checked by Denis and launched from the pontoon as our first participants arrived. As usual, it was a busy start to the morning, as everyone had decided to get there early to cool off, but it soon settled to a steady stream of sailors and skippers doing their best in the perfect conditions to allocate everyone to a good time.
Andy arrived to sail with Rob, but it didn’t quite happen that way….Rob went with Marrit, and Andy went with as different skipper.
Our team from Sunnyfield arrived with helper Lynne, so Sophie, Rodney, William, Noel, Tony, Elinor and Danielle went off with their eager sailor.
Wendy and Vinnie brought Will and William (three Williams on the same day) as well as Denzel, Douglas and Clement. We had just given these participants a wonderful sailing experience on Manly Cove when Ben arrived with his Mum, Betty, Then Paul, Matthew and Peter arrived for their turn.
In the meantime, Max and Hugo set up the barbecue, and had a beautiful lunch ready for the hordes as they finished their sail.
In the meantime, Charlie’s Chariot with skipper Warwick and junior skipper Ash was kept busy taking adventurous sailors for a brisk ride around Manly Cove.
All too soon, the morning had to finish, as other groups were coming in to use the Yacht Club Facilities. So those left de-rigged and put away everything, getting ready for another busy day on Monday.