A perfect November Day, breeze around 8 to 10 knots, a steady South Easter, wonderful company, temperature around 23 degrees.

Our team arrived reasonably early to get all 7 303’s rigged and on the water, then a quick conference to establish the best course for today. Warwick, Devin and Paul took off to lay the only temporary buoy we needed while the finishing touches were put to the racing boats.

Then the crews sorted themselves out, climbed into the boats and we were off to find the course, which was difficult, because the first turning buoy was not in the expected place. This was soon fixed with some loud yelling across the bay, and the racing began.

Thanks so much to Warwick, Devin Peter and Paul for setting up this mystery course, and for getting to the start line to start the race, then pointing us all to the right place. It was a most exciting race with two sections, so that we ended up with a very fair idea of the sailing skills of our team:

Denis and Ivan, 1st,

Rob and Heather 2nd,

Jim and Peter S, 3rd,

Jennie and Lyn, 4th,

Brian and Ben, 5th,

Ken and Michael, 6th

and coming in a stately 7th, John and Eli.

It took a while for the exhausted crews to haul the boats up onto the pontoon, and back up on deck to be sanitised and put away.

Thanks so much to our deck crew Wilma, Corey and Helen who minded the belongings while we were gone, manned the radio, made sure there was a nibble and drink for nourishment, and helped with the putting away.

  • The Race Briefing
  • The trip out to the race area
  • Boats spread out across the course
  • First around that buoy
  • Brian and Ben on course
  • The return