This morning our perfect team arrived early to put out he 7 303’s, ready for the groups who were booked in for today.

Sailing Coordinator Extraordinaire, Jennie; Charlie’s Chariot Driver, Ragnhild with observer Corey and Photographer, Ken were out in the wild blue yonder, while sailors; Steve, Ivan, Warwick, Ted, Michael, Malcolm, Peter, Denis, Ellis, Helene, readied the boats.

Registrar, Helen, Life-jackets; Ros and Donelle, Pontoon Manager, Tony with help on the pontoon by Brian made sure everything ran smoothly. The weather was perfect for our morning sail, bright sunshine, a steady South Easterly keeping things cool on the water, and eager participants made it a pleasant run.

Stephanie brought Jack and Chelsea, Mike brought Will for his first adventure on the water, Mike, Alex and Vicki from Sunnyfield brought experienced sailors, Vanessa, Kane, Krissy, Anna and Michael.

Jacob, from Sargood brought Pat, then Katherine brought Scott. Laura and Mark from Unisson French’s Forest brought Michael, Peter, Sifa, Murray, Warren, Natty, Vicki, Derek. Derek was extremely brave today, taking to his sailing with great aplomb, and without a complaint

Then Adam and Kel arrived from Royal Rahab with keen sailor, Clare.

We also had a new helper, Nikki, experiencing a ride on Charlie’s Chariot, then a short run on a 303 before helping with the put away, and declaring that she will be back for more soon.

All in all, a very satisfying morning for all concerned.

  • Ragnhild has her Power Boat License
  • Part of our wonderful crew for today
  • Scott and Peter in Vin
  • Sifa and Ellis in Eli D
  • Ossie and Peter in Vin