What wonderful teamwork was on show today.

  • Under our exceptional Sailing Coordinator: Brian.
  • Pontoon Managers Michael, Malcolm and John W.
  • Sailors; Ted, Ragnhild, Jennie, John B, Ivan, Jim, Malcolm, Steve.
  • Registrar: Helen.
  • Life-jackets Ros and Wilma.
  • Radio: Tony.
  • Time-keeper: Denis.
  • Support Boat Driver: Warwick, observer: Paul, Photographer: Warwick and Kath.
  • Helper on the pontoon Corey and Marc.
  • Helpers on the deck were carers and families, thanks so much for this.

Who were the participants?

From Sargood: Michael and Jarrod with Seb and Jacob.

From Truscott St School: Lliam, Harry, Tom H, Alex, Jeng-Wei, Jessica, Tyson, Ricky, Amanda, Tom, Sion, James D, James S, Savannah, Zara, Ruby, Riarna, Aryan, Lucas, Jazmine. These are 2 classes, with teachers Corinna and Carrie, and lots of lovely parent helpers: Katherine, Geoff and others..5 of these students will be off to High School next year, after up to 9 years of coming sailing down at Manly….from when they were ‘little kids’, and now are almost adults.

Amber brought Sunnyfield: Ginny, Rodney, Krissy, Vanessa, Luke.

Liam brought Scott.

Then Unisson French’s Forest brought: Peter, Jess, Murray, Michael, Simon, Derek, Jess, Sandra, Matt, Steven, Nick and Vicki with helpers: Stephen, Vivian, Katie, Craig, Matt and Helen. Some of these did not sail, but enjoyed the beautiful summery atmosphere and morning tea.

Last of all Claire arrived with Kel, from Royal Rehab. This was Claire’s first turn in a sailing boat, and after lots of trials to find the most comfortable position with the most suitable cushioning, Claire went out with John for a glorious sail across Manly Cove, vowing to return as soon as possible.

  • John B and Liam in Woody,
  • Ted and Seb in Black Swan
  • Ivan and Michael in Alex
  • Ted and Harry in Black Swan
  • Into the distance
  • Kath and Derek n Charlie’s Chariot