What can be better than sailing with our friends from Seals and Birds, with a limited team on a perfect Summer Day with light winds, and occasional gusts to make it exciting?

Team for today were:
Sailing Coordinator; Ken.
Registrar: Helen
Radio (with a little help): Tony
Time Keeper: Ivan
Sailors: Michael, Malcolm, John, Denis, Jim, Peter.
Pontoon Manager: Eli
Charlie’s Chariot Driver: Warwick.
Observer: Corey

Jonathan arrived first with Doug, then Bart, Doug, Elyse, Nikita, Theresa, and Tom with Simone and Peter.

All had a wonderful sail, except for Elyse, who prefers Charlie’s Chariot.

Slideshow of Tony and Peter in Dolly Wallis, Corey the observer, Denis and Doug in Black Swan,
Bart and Malcolm in Eli D, Helen taking a break.

Gaynor and Wendy brought Alan, Stuart, Steve, James, Carlo, Brad, Danielle, Jimmy, Katherine, Patrick and Alan S. Danielle had her usual solo sail, and the rest took whichever sailor was available. Lovely photos of all of these were taken by Corey and Warwick.