This was one of those very good days, with a clear blue sky, a south westerly right on the limit of our knot allowance, and a strong swell from the south.

We rigged 5 boats and got Charlie’s Chariot ready, then took some of the volunteers for a sail while we waited for our first group to come down. As it happened, there only was the one group today, so all of these children experienced a long sail, and a ride in the Support Boat if they wanted. Unfortunately, 2 groups had unexpected occurrences that made it impossible to attend, and they will be fitted in at a later date.

Helpers today were: Johns W, C, and B, Phil, Col, Caroline on Charlie’s Chariot, Helen the Sailing Coordinator, David the Boat Operations Manager, John W on the pontoon, Cory the observer, Ivan, Jim, Bob, Brian, Tony, Evan, Michael, Denis and Marc the Magnificent (very tall, able to unpack and repack boats from the top rack).

The kids who benefited from such amazing helpers were: Nathan, Lachlan, Sean, Heath, Dylan, Talon, Riley, James and Samuel with helpers Carmel and Gabrielle.

And last of all, the wet cormorant who settled on the pontoon with wings outspread, looking as if he was waiting for a ride as well.