Our friend Philip arrived with his Mum close to 2.30 p.m. We are giving Philip some lessons in using the 2.3 servo, Alan Wood.

Philip wants to learn to sail solo as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Award. When we are confident that he can sail Alan Wood completely independently, Philip will be able to join the group at a regular sailing time, but in the meantime he is getting a couple of individual sessions.

For the first couple of sessions, it was a matter of measuring up and modifying the boat to fit and be comfortable for him. Photo of Philip The first session,.Last time was his first go on the water, tethered the whole time, as we continued to modify the boat and teach him to use it. Today was a huge step forward. Photo of Philip, kept on a tetherWe managed to let go of the tether, give him some basic instruction, and Philip was sailing on his own. I think the photos tell the story better than any words I could use.