Our small team gathered at MYC to complete several jobs:
1. To remove all advertising from all 303’s
2. To check rigging on the boats.
3. To practice towing as many boats as possible in preparation for the run over to RANSA next Saturday.
4. To wash the boats in readiness for the Invictus Games stickers to be placed on them on Friday.
5. To take any sailing participants who attended for a sail.

The weather was not with us today. We managed the first 3 tasks, and to bend a jib-mast in the process.

By the time the first sailing participants arrived, the rain was falling steadily, and the wind had started to rise. We dressed the first group, Rebecca, Ben, Vanessa, Emily, Jocelyn, Adonis and Luke in warm, waterproof clothing and organised sailors to take them for a quick spin, but it was not to be. By the time they got out there, the wind had really started to blow, and the rain became torrential. So we called them all back in, and started the packing away process. On the way over, Michael was hit by a gust and managed to lose his boom out of the holder, so needed to be towed back, and at the same time, Jim was hit by a similar gust, and decided to beach Dolly Wallis, rather than attempt to cross the ferry line. He left Dolly Wallis where she was left on the sand to be picked up later, and brought his participant, Vanessa, back to the club-house. The second group, we decided on abandoning sailing, as that was really the only course of action available to us.

Slideshow of getting the knots right, Boats towed in a row with sails furled, Jocelyn and helper Fiona in Charlies Chariot and John and Luke in Alex.

By the time David, Warwick and Eli trudged across to the beach to pick up the beached boat, all other boats had been put away by our inestimably efficient team. Dolly Wallis needed to be emptied of sand and water in the gale which was blowing by then, so it was a late end to an extraordinarily hectic day.

Our fabulous team for today was: Malcolm, Wilma, Warwick, Eli, Kevin, Corey, John, Ken, Heather, David, Raghnild, Michael, Denis.