Helpers this morning:

Denis, John W., Helen, John P., Jessica, Jim G., Jae, Jim Q., John G., Wilma, Corey, Ken., Ivan, David W., Peter, Brian, Warwick, Juliette, Col, Tony, Bob, Helene, David G.

Participant sailors came from 3 groups:

French’s Forest Sunnyfield brought Neri, Gary, Jack.

St Ives Sunnyfield brought John, Elias, Leesa, David, Ginny, Rodney, Vanessa, Ben.

House With No Steps brought Kris, David, Mikey, Paul, Shela, Nina, Tiara, Denis and Stephen.

Gerard came with his helper.

The morning was a warm one, and started slowly and calmly, with the volunteers carefully setting up the boats, and using the quiet moment to take new volunteers Jessica, Jae, Jim, Wilma and others for a sail to get some practise in before the groups arrived.

Then, suddenly, everyone arrived at the same time, and we were busy fitting PFD’s, making sure the waiters were comfortable, and sorting out the order and times for sailing. The breeze slowly came up during this time, so that sailing became easier, and there was not quite so much paddling and towing to make things convenient.

We were able to fit everyone in, and able to accommodate our people who prefer to use Charlie’s Chariot as their preferred option, making it all another perfect day for helpers, carers and participants.