Finally, we have a day of great weather, a little overcast, but this is just enough to keep the day cool for our participants.

Helpers today were:

Sailing Coordinator; Caroline.

Boat Operations Manager: David W

Pontoon Manager: David

Support Boat Driver Barry, Ralph, Ray

Photographer: Lyn

Time Keeper: Jon Petrie

Barbecue Chef: Helen Hendry

Sailors: Michael, Helene, David G, David W, Denis, Ivan, Jim, Josh, Ewan,

Jack, Jackie.

Other helpers: Alan, Amaroo, Jay, Natalie, Tony.

The people who came for a sail were: Maurine, Ollie, Jon, Judy, Danielle, Dirk, Daniel, Carlo, Steve, Brad, Roger, May, Robert, Stuart, Lindsay, Jonathon G and Jonathon I, Vanessa, Shelby, Lachlan, Byron, Michael, Oscar.

The fabulous helpers who came with these participants were: Bus Driver Neil from BIRDS, Elizabeth with Judy, Alex with Vanessa, Gaynor, Margaret and Vicki and Volunteers Margaret and Laura with BIRDS, Meredith with Jonathon G, Duncan with Shelby, Colleen with Ollie, Ronald with Jonny, and with the last group: Adriana, Sallakishi, and Kathryn. Thank you so much for your everlasting patience, and for bringing your participants all the way to Manly for their sailing.

Slideshow of Ollie heading out, Michael and Ewan, Ollie concentrating hard, Ivan and Vanessa and David and Michael.

The enjoyment of today’s activity made up for the days we have had to cancel because of the terrible Spring weather this month. Our best breakthrough was seeing Ollie sailing away solo in Clea, singlehandedly coping with the breeze, other boats out on the water, and putting into practise all of the skills he has been learning for the past months. Here is the letter he wrote when he arrived home:

“Today I went sailing by myself for the first time. It was really SICK!!

That means amazing and phenomenal and extraordinary.

First I got towed by the safety boat into the open.

Then I used the ropes and the joystick to have a little practice.

When I was catching the wind with my sail I went super fast.

It was exciting.

The boat went nearly on the side and a little bit of water came in.

I moved my bum to the other side to make it go straight and I had to loosen the rope and then tighten it.

I am still feeling pumped up about that great sailing experience.

From Ollie Williams.”

Ollie wasn’t the only one to feel ‘pumped up’. All of the sailors went off when it was their turn with the huge smile we have come to expect, but don’t always succeed in achieving. Our 2.3 was in great demand, with Ollie, then Danielle, then Alan sailing solo, while the 303’s were in use for the other sailors. A super day, and well worth the waiting.