After a very stormy evening this morning turned into a very beautiful day for sailing. The message on the machine stated that it was fine at Manly, but unfortunately many of our regular participants were turned off by the rain in their particular area and so missed out on a perfect sailing day. This did not dampen the enthusiasm down at Manly, as each of our local participants got an extremely long sail, and each of our volunteers who wanted had a lesson, or some sailing practice, standing us all in good stead for next time.

Helpers this morning were: Sailing Coordinator: Ray; Support Boat Driver; Ralph then Barry; Power Boat License student; Juliette; Boat Operations Manager; Mal; Time Keeper; Lynn; Observer; Nic. Our Pontoon Manager was Barry, then Tony, sailors Denis, Mal, Jack, David, Ivan and Peter. Volunteers helping in various roles were Amaru, Helen, Lauren, Faye, Natalie.

Our participants who did arrive had a wonderful time: Megan, Jon, Craig, Matthew, Analise, Kerry. Thanks you so much for coming and making the day worthwhile for us.