A feature of our Summer Sailing Days has been the extreme heat, high humidity and lack of useful breeze. Today was the perfect example of all of these. Our helpers arrived early and readied Sailability for the day, putting out 6 303’s and Alan’s 2.3. Sailing Coordinator, Brian, and Boat Operations Manager, Colin led the party of Corey, Denis, David G and David W, John W and John B, Tony, Caroline, Byron, Phill and Rob. Barry went over to pick up Charlie’s Chariot from the mooring. Barry was in charge of Charlie’s Chariot, Corey the observer, Phill was a great Registrar, and had a lesson on the radio, Caroline was a very dedicated Pontoon Manager, and our new volunteer, Daniel, from ACU had a settling in day and a couple of lessons sailing (or paddling) while he absorbed the atmosphere. Sailors: Denis, Johns G, W, and B, Davids G and W surveyed the water with disgust, used the paddles to get out beyond the line of moored boats with our charges from R.F.W., Jacinta, Brhi, Bradley, Ryan and Mitchell, with Jordan taking his turn helping with the towing on Charlie’s Chariot. There really was not much sailing today, it was really a matter of getting people onto the water and paddling around. Pontoon staff was also active, with Tony and Byron being indispensable, catching and tying up boats, and pushing off with a huge heave to get the boats moving.

Later, Alan arrived, and made the sensible decision to return home after a social interlude up on deck.

A couple of comments about Helen, who was absent today. Helen is normally the quietest volunteer around, but we discovered today just how much work she does….organising the registration table, teas and coffees for everyone, all of the paperwork, lots of the packing away process. We missed you Helen, and can’t wait until you come back.

As the day wore on, the breeze did make a slight appearance for Brandon from Sorento, Craig, then Zoe, Rachel, Kai, Matthew and Kaelen from Aranounbai, then Joshua, Alastair, Alessandro and Jackson from AFFORD. Thanks for the wonderful helpers today, who made fantastic efforts on behalf of their charges to keep everyone comfortable in the extreme heat: Lara from AFFORD, Racheele from Aranounbai, Gabby with Craig, Charmayne from Sorento, and Lisa from RFW.