Our Sailing Crew this morning was made up of all of our participants and their families, with the addition of a family that we hope we will have a lot more contact with, who came today for the first time in a long while. Thank you very much for all your help, the Gall family.

Each skipper was charged with rigging their own boat, while Barry, Ralph, Barnabas and little brother went out on Charlie’s Chariot.

Barnabas took some stunning photos, an amazing feat as this was his first time out on a power boat, and he had no prior knowledge of ourPhoto of All boats waiting for the race start participant sailors. Dallas and Colleen up on deck were busy cooking lunch, and others watched the race from the vantage point on the top deck. It was a very close race in the ever-changing wind conditions, ranging from a gentle 4 knot south easterly to a much stronger northerly, so that the race course needed to be changed between the first and second races.

Thanks very much to Pam and Rowell, who planned the course, then accomplished the race start and kept results of the finish. Pam, I do hope we are improving each time we do this. Photo of Philip in Alan WoodThanks also to Helene, who carried out all the organising, then was not able to take part.

Last but not least thanks to Jackie, who was Sailing Coordinator of the day, and made sure all of the boats got into the water fully rigged in time to start the race.Photo of Vince and Craig in ING

Eli and Alan.