Today was programmed as a Family Day, so we expected lots of family members of volunteers and participants to come sailing with us. Some families did arrive, and we thank those families for their cooperation, but it was a little disappointing that so few took advantage of this, especially because we had prepared a super lunch, and the day was so perfect.Photo of Alan in Clea at Dobroyd.

Photo of the presentation of Alan’s trophy, Tony J, Al and John Price.We did have some very special moments, when John Price, President of Sailability NSW and his wife Kellie presented Alan’s trophy from the President’s Cup last week, and Kellie went for a sail; when Brian took out his grandson, Riley, watched by his family from the Support Boat; and when Lars and Luca went out for a brisk run across Manly Cove. Thank you to new helpers Peter and Prue, who will be bringing Sam down for regular sailing sessions.Photo of Sam and Helen in Black Swan

We also had some regular sailors: Megan, Vanessa, Sam, Maureen, Craig, and our energetic BIRDS group: Brad, Carlo, Brad, Stuart, Dirk, Robert and May and some of their helpers and families.

Photo of David and Megan in VinAll of this was made possible by our wonderful helpers today: John, Helen, Ivan, David W, David G, Jack, Nicola, Barry, Jacinta, Jim, Tony, Alan, Jackie, Jannie and Brian. My highlight of the day was when Jannie elected himself to take out a couple of people with a disability for a sail, a first time for him after learning to sail.