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Policy and training documents for Sailability Manly. Since our inception in 1996/1997 Sailability Manly has written several documents, and updated them when necessary, describing our operations, how-to manuals, policies for Child Safety, Risk Operations Manuals and Procedures, and Codes of Behaviour. Click on the links below to read these Policy Documents. They are in pdf format so you will need Adobe Reader on your computer (almost everyone has this ) to automatically open them. 

Child Protection Code of Conduct - SNSW June, 2015 update, 18.7.15
Constitution of Sailability NSW April, 2015
Sailability NSW Child Safe, Child Friendly Policy, June, 2015 Updated 9.7.15
SNSW Privacy Policy June, 2015

Manly Risk Management Tables, Nov, 2014
Operations Manual, 2014
Risk Management Manual -15 March 2013